Pipercross is proudly manufactured in Northampton, UK, where each of our products is designed, tested & produced under one roof. 


As a leading performance filter manufacturer, Pipercross has unrivalled in-house R&D capabilities having recently incorporated 3D-Scanning equipment, flow bench testing and 3D-Printing. 


Using market-leading testing equipment, allows us to rapidly design, develop, test & certify our air filter products for various applications. Testing is available to ensure our products meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment. 


Pipercross products are tested in the Topas ALF 114 filters test system which was been developed especially for air filter testing according to ISO & International Standards.



In the ALF 114 test stand, the filters can be easily installed into the rotatable and movable duct sections. A filtrated air flow is loaded with particles. This way, information about the efficiency of the filters will be obtained. The test duct is divided into six duct sections and constructed air proof. The air sucked in at section 1 and blown out behind the blower. The pressure measuring facilities in duct section 2-5 determine the differential pressure of the filter.




• Measurements according to ISO standard ISPO5011
• Rotatable Duct Sections
• Universal Filter Holding System
• MERV-Filter classification (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) for coarse dust filters and fine particle filters. 


Pipercross holds itself to ISO9001 and tests to ISO5011.